Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Best Mom in the World

were the sweet words spoken to me first thing this morning.  I had gently woken up to a little arm around me that belonged to my little five year old.  Sometime during the night, Arianna had snuck into our bed.  She's been having bad dreams lately and we've always maintained an "open door" to our room during the night.  Anyhow, as I tried to roll over, realizing that my space was limited, I heard her whispering precious words to me (she thought I was still sleeping).

I love you mommy.
It's morning time.
Are you waking up yet?
I'm hungry.

So I hugged her and told her to meet me upstairs for breakfast and as she began to head up, she says to me "you are the best mom in the world". 

What a nice way to wake up.

I love you Arianna!

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