Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Opthamologist Appointment

I was up early this morning.  I had every intention of hopping on the treadmill before breakfast but the tightness in my chest from the cold I've been fighting was just too much for me.  Instead, I went downstairs to enjoy a cup of coffee and some kid-free time.

Overall, the appointment went well.  Sarah was (for the most part) cheerful and cooperative.  Both the opthamologist and the intern were really good with kids and didn't force anything on Sarah.

When all was said and done, he determined that her eyelids are "hooded".  That just means her eyelids are more prominent than average.  The initial concern was that this hooding could be preventing her from seeing to her full potential.  This is not the case.  Her optic nerves are smaller than normal but most of her body is.  *smile*  We left with the knowledge that she doesn't need surgery or glasses and that her vision is not the cause of her balance issues. 

This is both good and bad.  I'm glad she doesn't need anything to correct her vision but that means there's still something else going on.  Now we continue to wait...

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