Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

  • Although I haven't had as many sad days as I did at the end of July, I still have moments.  They are unpredictable and can show up at any time.  The last meltdown was at a wedding.  No reason... just a moment of tears.
  • I was discouraged the other day.  Sarah had a wonderful year from age 2-3... no tantrums, screaming, nothing.  Now as she is past her third birthday, she's just busier, mischievious and looks for trouble.  This is sad for me since these are behaviors that most parents see at 18-24 months.  Maybe just confirmation that she is as delayed as we're told. 
  • I have moments where I wonder if she's regressing.  I hate to be such a downer but it's what I see.  Maybe I'm wrong and I'm imagining things.
  • Today we started school.  It was time to have a bit of routine back in our day and I was tired of the kids hanging around.  It went reasonably well.  For day one.  I am really looking forward to schooling them this year.
  • I am marvelling at the independence of my older three kids.  Today, Joshua biked to the church on his own for a weekly program they have.  Andrea and Arianna went to a park today by themselves that mean they had to cross a busy (light controlled) street.  I know I could have gone with them but I was tired and I knew they would be delighted to be on their own.  
  • I love the warm summer days we've been having.  I'm dreading putting jeans, sweaters and coats back on...
That's all for now...

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