Thursday, August 11, 2011

So Crazy Hard

I received ANOTHER batch of forms to fill out this afternoon.  Ten pages of medical and developmental history for Sarah... this one for the Preschool Assessment Service.
My least favorite question is:

What are your main concerns about your child?  The answer that comes from my heart is "nothing... it's the doctor that wants the assessment."  I don't even know IF I'm concerned.  Yes, she's behind.  I understand, admit and accept that.  I don't know that it's a concern though.  No idea what to put in that blank. 

This all just makes me sad, angry and ready to cry.  I hate having to go through all this.


  1. I love your gut! Your attitude intrigues me. It's funny how certain wording can grate on a mothers' heart. I say you should find a way to express exactly what you just said in this blog entry on the forms. If they wanted a different kind of answer they can ask with more specific wording!

  2. i read a quote from a mama once that said simply, "i can do hard things" - & it has always stuck with me.
    You can do hard things too...
    (love jessie's advice... )

  3. You amaze me with the vulnerability of your sharing Stephanie. So hard on the heart.



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