Monday, March 12, 2012

And The Outdoors Win

Today the kids did their school work in the morning and then slipped outside just before lunch.  When they came in to eat, I encouraged them to complete what they were asked to so they could go back out to play.  The sunshine was calling their names as it streamed in the windows over their math books.  Despite the calling of the fresh air, they did persevere and finished up very quickly.  I don't expect I'll see much of them again for a few hours!  They are building a fort with some wood that was laying around the garage.  I'm not totally sure what the finished product will look like.  Andrea has embraced the take-charge foreman position while Joshua and Arianna are her faithful sidekicks. 

Sarah is just puttering around with her tiny dolls and dancing in the dust *bubbles* that seem to be over abundant these days. 

I'm thinking I'll grab a few minutes with a coffee and enjoy the quiet that I am surrounded by.

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