Friday, March 16, 2012

Sensory Processing Disorder

So when this {unofficial} diagnosis was brought up last Friday, I began to think about how I process certain things, especially sounds.  I seldom listen to music in the house.  I don't like "background noise".  If our dishwasher is running, someone is playing a video on the computer and another is puttering on the piano, I quickly become overwhelmed and must make it all stop.  I don't care for large groups because I can't focus on one particular conversation; there's just too much happening for my brain to process it all.  I seldom listen to the radio in the van, especially if my kids want to talk to me.  I usually drive in the quiet or, have music on from my iPhone.  I think it's the extra talking {from the radio} that gets me agitated.  My sister and I agreed that our mom was that way as well.  If we began to talk in the car, she would quickly turn the volume of the radio down.

I was talking with my sister about this the other day and we wondered if my struggle with auditory processing was the reason for my dislike for school and consequently, poor grades throughout.  It's unfortunate that there were not as many options back when I was in school as there are now for students.  I think Joshua may have a bit of it as well.  He works best in a quiet and clutter free environment.  Knowing that he has these struggles, I can ensure that his space is tidy and I try to control the amount of noise going on.

Just some interesting food for thought... maybe Sarah's not alone in this one...

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