Thursday, August 30, 2012

Doctor Appointment {08.30.12}

So this morning dawned bright and early as I had to make the 35 minute drive to Sarah's pediatrician for our 9:00 appointment.  This was a much dreaded event as in the past, Sarah spends the entire time crying to go home.  So with heart filled trepidation, Joshua, Sarah and I headed out.  After the short wait, we were ushered to the little examining room and I promised her a visit to Sobeys for a cookie if she didn't cry.

The doctor walked in and Sarah greeted him with a "Hi, how - you?"  He responded with "I'm fine, and you?"  She then whispered "good."  He loved that she began a conversation with him!  She has lost some weight in three months and tips the scale at 28.5 pounds, putting her in the 3rd percentile for weight.  She is 38 inches tall, which is in the 15th percentile.  Her head is 44 centimeters.  I have posted up a picture of a head circumference chart to show you (and me) where her teeny head is.
(Click to Enlarge)
 I tried to get the Microcephaley chart up but it wasn't working for me.  If Sarah's head size is plotted on a Micro chart, she is between -4 & -5 Standard Deviation.  That means the *average* four year old has a head size of 50cm.  Her's is the size of an average 8 month old. 

So overall, the appointment went smoothly.  Sarah didn't flip out like she usually does and I have current measurements for her again. 

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  1. So glad it went smoothly... What a honey to start talking to the doctor. :)



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