Friday, August 31, 2012

Five Minute Friday {08.31.12}

*August 30, 2012*

1.  I am plugging away at The Hobbit.  It's not my favorite style but it's on my "to read" list. 
2.  I meal planned for the second time this month.  A little pricey initially at the checkout but hopefully we will save by not going out and taking petty little trips to the store.
3.  Arianna started school today.  On her own.  I love her sweetness.
4.  I am committing to walking with my husband on the nights that he's in town.
5.  I'm currently in a purging/selling mood.  I'm tired of all the stuff that is lingering in our house and we simply have too much.  Pretty much anything is fair game!
6.  New rule in our house: If it isn't put away and I have to do it, the only way to get the item back is to work it back.
7.  I'm glad it's Friday... the beginning of a long weekend.  

Have a great weekend!

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