Friday, January 25, 2013

Reading Now...

I had really wanted to make a goal of writing more.  More on the kids, what's going on with me and especially about the changes I hope to see in my walk with God.  Three books that I have decided to read (two on my own, one referred by a friend) are going to be my focus in the next few weeks or months.  I'm hoping to share what I see happen with the thought that maybe someone will read it and find encouragement or be inspired.

The first is The Purpose Driven Life.  I've begun it and read a "day" every few days.  It helps me to remember my Christian up-bringing and yet has so many thoughts for how I can grow.

I am doing another journal on line for 1000 Gifts.  I purchased Ann Voskamp's devotional a few days ago and I love the 2-3 page devotionals as she writes on all kinds of different graces.  It's peaceful and easy to read, especially if I don't have a whole lot of alone time.

The last one was recommended to me by a friend.  It's called Keeping Our Children's Hearts.  We are at a delicate stage of life with two of our children and I need to try to make sure they continue to follow Jesus.  I need to help them through the tough days with a Christ-like attitude and this book has some great thoughts and ideas.

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