Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Chose Joy

Because if I don't, then today will be a complete write off.  This morning, at the crazy early time of 5:30, my youngest peered into my face asking for breakfast.  I managed to stall her off until 5:45 when it was clear to methat neither of us were going to get any more sleep.  I fixed myself a coffee, filled her cup with juice and brought a small bowl of her "pink cheerios" upstairs so we could watch TV.  I figured since I was up, I'd get on my laptop and do the usual email and Facebook check and whatever else interested me at the time.  But... sweet blonde haired, grey-eyed daughter of mine wanted to "cungle wif mom".  So I set my computer aside and cuddled my sleepy-warm, pajama-clad, sweet-smelling toddler.

I will admit, my frustration increased when I saw Joshua and Arianna come down the hall, just minutes after 6:00.  My day was going to be off to a rip-roaring start and it was SO early.  I don't ask for much but I really just wanted to be alone for a little while.  It didn't seem like that was in the cards for me today.

I am having to make a conscious effort to be pleasant today simply because of how it started.  I'm going to need a super amount of patience and probably a few more cups of coffee.

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