Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Week

Just yesterday I got home from spending the previous four days with my sister and her family in Calgary. It was time spent cooking freezer meals, drinking coffee, visiting and just hanging out. We rolled 338 meatballs, made 4 large meals of pasta sauce and 4 meals of enchiladas. It was a very productive week to say the least. Alicia is a wonderful hostess and although I {still} don't like that she lives 3.5 hours away, I certainly appreciate our lengthier visits when we make it happen.

One interesting thing that occurred while I was feeding Rosie her supper of quinoa, turkey, spinach and red peppers (minced), Sarah indicated some interest what was on the spoon. With a bit of hesitation, I offered her a small taste and she enjoyed it. She actually accepted an additional two bites plus a small taste of cucumber. I was elated. I have struggled with Sarah and her eating habits, or rather the lack thereof. So, moving onto Friday night, we had pasta and sauce and I simply offered it to her after I had put it in the food processor and made it a bit finer (not pureed). Without a word, she ate her entire bowl! In addition to eating well, she slept until 5:30 am in her own bed and until 8:30 beside Doug and I. Tonight's supper was meatballs, mashed potatoes and gravy. I am delighted to say that Sarah ate 1.5 meatballs mixed in with the gravy and potatoes. After watching a movie, she eagerly went to bed and quickly fell asleep. Maybe, just maybe, I am starting to make a breakthrough with her eating habits. I am so crazy proud of her and if the excitement for the rest of her family is any indication, we are ALL proud of her!

Cousins watching a movie

Watching the baking

Dippin' Dots... a sweet memory of our trips to Alabama

Canada Olympic Park... I still remember the 1988 winter Olympics. 

The very top of the Olympic ski hill.  Really neat!

Sarah enjoying her first every bites of pasta and meat sauce!


  1. Congrats on the feeding breakthrough! I pray that this is one of many breakthroughs for you guys. My five year old has been tube-fed since he was a baby, but is just now starting to eat by mouth. Feeding things can be so hard, but so exciting when there's actual progress!! Does your daughter have a tube, or is she just a picky eater?

  2. Yay for Sarah! Do you think it was the cousins? Or the pureed texture? Glad she is eating!! :)



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