Friday, February 22, 2013

Wheat Free Journey (Update #1)

Well, it's been a full week since I dropped all wheat products cold-turkey.  It was certainly an adjustment and although the side effects weren't severe, I did have a few headaches last weekend.  I just took Advil and upped my water and that seemed to take care of it.  The worst days were probably Monday and Tuesday when the cravings hit.  I resisted though and I was really proud of myself.

I made wheat free chocolate chip cookies and wheat free muffins.  I also experimented with buckwheat pancakes.  Admittedly, the taste and texture is a little different but nothing that we can't get used to.  I've added quinoa to our meals and have been researching a whole new variety of recipes.  Doug has done really well and I'm proud of him.  He admitted it was tough when he and Joshua went to Boston Pizza and Joshua enjoyed his pizza while he was served his teriyaki chicken and rice bowl.  The kids aren't totally thrilled with the change and Joshua is certainly the most opposed to it.  Andrea is doing really good and Arianna is following suit.  I have dropped most of Sarah's wheat AND dairy but I'll do a new post on that.

Unfortunately due to circumstances that make me uniquely female *smile*, my measurements were not accurate or fair in my opinion.  I'll see what happens after week two!

Greek salad!  One of my favorites! 

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  1. Wow, good luck with the wheat free! I hope you experience all the health benefits you are seeking and keep on finding yummy creative recipes!



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