Sunday, February 17, 2013

Daybook {02.17.13}

FOR TODAY: February 17, 2013

Outside my window... a new layer of snow has fallen.  How quickly we can go from warm, slushy days only to wake up to a cold morning which reminds us that it is ONLY February.

I am thinking... of how much I love Sundays, especially when my family sleeps in a bit.  

I am thankful... for family and friends who help extend birthday celebrations

In the kitchen... cluttered but clean.  I didn't do a really good clean up last night before bed.

I am wearing... fleece pyjamas and fuzzy socks.  I hate being cold.

I am creating... a more structured but not rigid schedule for the kids and I on our week days.  It'll mean a little less flexibility but hopefully instill some more responsibility on their part.

I am reading... The Wheat Belly Book (thanks to my sister's recommendation!)

I am hoping... to experiment with the above book and get myself and Doug off wheat for sure and possibly the kids.  I know everyone is extreme about what they believe in but I personally like what this doctor says.  And if his findings are true (which I presume they are) then I'm beginning to think it may be a healthier lifestyle for my family.

I am looking forward to... proving to my family that I can still bake and make good foods without wheat.

I am learning... to take joy in everything as often as possible.  That's harder than it sounds.

Around the house... not as tidy as I like it.  I'm thinking of some cube shelving for the living room to hold Sarah's toys and books.

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things... listening to my daughters sing and play piano.

A few plans for the rest of the week... for sure some school, hopefully implementing the schedule/routine, and that might be it.

A peek into my day... hanging out with my family.  Maybe a trip to the Science Center...

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