Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Daybook {01.01.13}


For today: January 1, 2013

Out my window: 
Snow blankets our world in a white wonderland.  The temperatures have been relatively mild and quite tolerable.

I am wearing:
Comfy cotton pants and an oversized sweatshirt.

From the kitchen:
Steaks are on the counter and maybe I can convince my amazing husband to barbeque them for supper.

Around the house:
Christmas has come and gone.  In fact, I took down the tree on the 27th simply because I like things tidy, plain and organized.  I just prefer it this way.

All Things NewThe Purpose Driven Life and I still read Goodnight Little Pookie.  Every.  Single.  Night.

Looking forward to:
I'm excited to see what the new year brings.  I'm not one for resolutions but I do think of things I'd like to change or improve on.  I'll save that for another day though.

“Trusting God completely means having faith that He knows what is best for your life. You expect Him to keep His promises, help you with problems, and do the impossible when necessary.”
“God intentionally allows you to go through painful experiences to equip you for ministry to others.”
― Rick WarrenThe Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth am I Here for?

What God has in His plans for me this year.  I am ready to see what changes I can make and how He will use me.

Our family is making a big decision in the next little while.  I can't share it in detail yet but I am praying that what we decide is the right thing to do for all of us.

A peek into my day:

Looks like I'll be snuggling a little girlie who doesn't feel too good.

Happy 2013!

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