Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Favorite Moments

... of this Christmas. 

1.  I was once again {and as always} the first one up but Joshua and Arianna followed soon after.  And as always, we woke Doug and Andrea up to get the day started.

2.  I bought Sarah a homemade doll.  Beautifully done by my dear friend Danyel.  I had carefully wrapped the doll in tissue paper, put her in a box and wrapped the box up as well.  Sarah tore into the gift flung out the tissue (and doll) only to be disappointed that the box of Fruit Loops was empty of her "pink cheerios"!  We did redirect her to the doll, she was delighted with it and was able to forget about the empty cereal box. 

3.  We stuck with four gifts.  It sure made things simpler for buying and even opening.  Still seemed like a lot of presents but a few good practical things were gifted as well.

4.  Andrea was part of the worship team for the Christmas Eve service.  She was the youngest vocalist in a group of adults and I was so proud of her as she sang her solo, "Silent Night". 

5.  Both evenings were pretty low key.  We spent them at home, in our pajamas, eating snacks and watching fun movies together.  Just the way I like it. 

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