Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday's Four Quick Takes

1. We are going out to Christmas Party number one of the season.  I'm not overly excited about it mainly because I'm not a night person and I'd rather just hang out in my jammies.  I will do my best to enjoy our time out.  Also because the older two are also going out, Doug's mom is coming to watch the little girls.  It's been YEARS since I've needed someone to come over in the evening!

2.  Sarah has caught nasty cold bug.  She's really stuffed up and feeling pretty miserable.  Her appetite has not diminished though and she is eating like crazy. 

3.  I love our Early Intervention Coordinator.  Today she just listened to me talk and I appreciated sharing a part of Sarah's baby days with her.  I needed that.

4.  Christmas has arrived at our house.  The tree is up, stockings are hung and the numbers on the countdown calendars are getting smaller.  Working hard at it but the spirit is here.  Joshua and Andrea are off to their youth banquet this evening as well.  They should have a great time!


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