Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Encouraging Awareness

This afternoon I met my sister at Millenium Place which is a huge recreation center about 30 minutes away.  I didn't buy Sarah an admittance pass because she doesn't skate, and that's what the kids wanted to do.  We saw that the rink provided Chariot strollers with ski blades on instead of wheels.  I strapped Sarah and her cousin into one of these adapted strollers and they had a great time being on the ice with the others.  After all the kids came off the ice, Sarah indicated that she wanted to play in the play place for littler kids and so I went to the front desk to pay for her.  She has an opposition to wearing the required wristbands and I wasn't sure how it was going to work.  Her resistance to it has to do with the sensory processing disorder and her dislike for anything 'different'.  I approached the cashier and asked how I could pay for her without her needing to wear a band.  The lady just put the wristband on me and I wore it for Sarah.  She then offered me an additional band to try on Sarah when we got home.  She suggested that if it was put on her in a safe place like her house, she might be more willing.  The cashier then said her autistic niece prefers to wear them on her ankle and that it might work for Sarah too.

I was so encouraged by someone else who understood some of my concerns and was so willing to help me make it work.  

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