Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Happy Post

Just the other day it kind of hit me at how much Sarah's speech has taken off. Lots and lots of words are coming from her. I'll admit, sometimes I still don't understand her and her sentence structure is still very immature but for a good amount of time, she's moderately understandable.

  • She's using the pronouns "me" and "you" correctly.
  • She can FINALLY say her age correctly. She's been saying she is "3" since she turned three in 2011. She never did grasp four years old.
  • Although not consistent, words like "am", "are" and "is" are becoming more fluent. For example, "I am Sarah" as opposed to "I Sarah". 
  • This morning she grabbed two pencils and said "they match".
I am truly thankful for the advances she's been making. I try hard to find the balance of encouraging her to learn new things while at the same time letting her figure out stuff in her own time. I can't force development on her but I will teach gently and provide all that I can to better her development!


  1. That is a happy post! My oldest (who was five in July) has been in speech therapy for a year. He was speech delayed and he still has problems with articulation and proper sentence structure (mostly non/verb agreement) amongst other things, but he has come a long way. True, I still have to translate his speech to even his daddy (because Thomas has a habit of talking in a very high pitched voice on occasion), but it's the little things like you listed that are worth celebrating!

  2. Celebrating with you! Even the little milestones are worth celebrating, and they do make our days happy and sweet.

  3. Wow. I'm so glad that you linked up with Finish the Sentence. I'm curious why she didn't get a CP diagnosis earlier but also completely feel your pain. My son has been severely speech and language delayed since two and has NO diagnosis. I mean, he has them, but they're guesses at best (as said by the doctors). I started blogging because I needed moms like you.
    Thanks for sharing your story. I know I've been here before but I'd forgotten until you re-linked up. Thanks for that. A lot.

  4. Yay for happy news! It sounds like Sarah is meeting some huge milestones. I always struggle with how much to challenge Bethany without frustrating her, rather than just giving her work that I know she can do! She is a perfectionist and doesn't like to make mistakes. Thanks for joining us at FF. Your support means a lot to me!



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