Thursday, October 17, 2013

Finish The Sentence Friday

I'm joining a blog hop that's called FTSF... finish the sentence Friday. This week it is:

The best part of my day is...

The best part of my day is first thing in the morning, provided I had a good night's sleep. I especially like it if I can slip downstairs without Sarah hearing me which gives me the opportunity to be alone for a short while. Because she's up early and my older kids are up late, I feel like my days are full of busyness from start to finish. I like to start my day with a cup of coffee and catch up on my favourite blogs and an online devotional that I follow. I enjoy the quiet and peacefulness while the house is still clean and orderly. Then slowly, one by one, the bleary eyed, pyjama clad troops come down to greet me. Sarah is usually hungry right away and wants to watch a movie. Arianna's hair is all rooster-taily and she surprises me at how grown up she's getting. Joshua is usually not far behind and bee lines it to the kitchen to feed his "ever so empty stomach" that hasn't had food for over 12 hours! Andrea is my sleeper inner. She usually meanders down after everyone else and joins us for the day.

Now, since I do have kids who are up late, the other "best part of my day" is around 10:00 at night when my little girls are in bed and my older ones come in to my room to say good night to me. Quite often this includes my biggest teens crawling into the bed with me and snuggling on either side of me. This is when we talk about our day and maybe more "big kid" stuff. Nothing too serious but I treasure these moments. They are big and awkward but they still seem to fit in the crook of my arms at night. Once we've done the whole good night routine, I finally shoo them out and send them off to bed. Then the house is quiet again, I pick up my book for a few moments of reading time and then head to sleep myself.

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  1. Snuggles are the BEST part for me too, and by the time bedtime rolls around, I'm ready for it!



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