Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Sarah is in need of new shoes. This is always stressful on a few different levels. She tends to form attachments to items and replacing them is traumatic. Our time at the local Wal Mart was no exception as I showed her all kinds of different shoes. She wasn't impressed with sparkles, glitter, laces or Minnie Mouse. Anytime I put a pair on her resistant foot, she cried. Ok, if you were there, she cried loud! 

So, she's been wearing this one pair of shoes for over two years and the rubber toe is peeling away. They are old and getting too small. Also, the weather is changing which means she's going to need something warmer for her feet.  Although I tried many different pairs of shoes and attempted boots, THIS is what we came home with:

Fuzzy, blue striped slippers with elephants on them. Sarah's comment as she pulled them off the shelf with tears running down her cheeks: "See Mom (hic), dese are just fine." Yes Baby. They are fine for now. Until the snow falls. 

Maybe I won't have to buy winter boots again. For the fifth year in a row. She has actually never spent any real amount of time playing outside in the winter because of her aversion to foot wear and her poor balance. I suppose one could tell me to just buy some and make her deal with it but it's really not that easy. I know that the slippers won't work forever but until I find something close to these:
This is what she wore last year. They were warm, waterproof and had a nice thin sole. I would love to find a pair like this again that would fit her six inch long feet. 

It was just one of those trip where I couldn't wait to get home. Thankful that there was a teller who had no line up and the kids bought their own pairs of new shoes. Once we arrived in the comfort of our home, I made a coffee and boy did it taste good. 


  1. Bethany is the same way! She needs a new jacket and I'm dreading the experience. I feel for you!

  2. http://www.kickers.co.uk/p/all-kick-hi/kick-cosy-infant-suede-dark-red/112469

    May be these?



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