Monday, September 30, 2013

Birthday Party for a 13 Year Old

You might know that I love birthdays. I like making the day special for the guest of honor, including a cake, decorations and a special dinner. Due to some planning conflicts, we finally had a family gathering to celebrate my newest teenager with as much family that could make it. She loves Harry Potter stuff. She's read all the books at least twice and some three or more times. Her bedroom walls are lined with posters and a calendar. The works. So, that meant that the party was simply going to have to be HP themed. Looking on Pinterest, there were oodles of fancy cakes that were well beyond my level of cake making. I did find one that I replicated as best I could.

 Yellow and red for the Gryffindor colors.

 I think it turned out well.

 Some of her collection...

 A cape that I had sewn, the scarf was knitted by Grandma and Joshua bought her the Horcrux.

 A sign that she painted.

Time to enjoy the cake!

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