Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day One of School, 2013/2014

Well, I survived. I was initially a little worried because Joshua's way of schooling is taking a 180* turn. He's going from traditional to aligned in three subjects. And he's doing them online. I think it'll be a good year of transition as he considers going to high school in grade 10 or 11. I'm not rushing him by any means but I do want him ready if he choses that way.

Andrea did almost all her stuff on her own today. She's become very independent and I'm thinking of some online next year for her as well.

Arianna did what I figured she'd do for grade 4. A little bit of writing. A little vocabulary and a touch of math. She played a lot with Sarah as well which was a nice help this afternoon.

Sarah spent her morning with "a best ever Sh'eem" who is an amazing blessing to me and my family. Shaneen loves Sarah and Sarah had a great time playing with and entertaining Shaneen.

I think overall, it was a good first day. It always takes us some time to get into the groove of things and I know that everything will fall into place over time.

Happy first day of school!

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