Saturday, September 21, 2013

FSCD Meeting #3

Every year around this time in September, my contract with FSCD comes due for renewal. Each year now, I have had a new social worker. Since I only see them once a year it's not a huge deal but it does mean talking about EVERYTHING all over again. The first one I had moved on so I was "given" someone else. Now whether it's right or wrong, I just didn't feel like this person really cared. They were very business like and I didn't have a good feeling about it. So this spring, I had put in a request for a new social worker. One specific requisite was they needed to be female. I am sure that God had His hand in placing this new person with us. She is a young parent and appeared to genuinely enjoy her job. We did start from the beginning since she didn't know Sarah at all but there were no negative comments about my parenting (as there were in 2012). I did tell Doug that these social workers are WAY less personable that the other services that I've received such as Early Intervention and Speech Assessments. Aside from a quick "hello", the social worker said or did nothing with Sarah. Certainly different. At least I felt positive after this visit as opposed to being angry at things that were inferred by the former worker last year.

Nothing in our situation has changed and so our contract will pretty much stay the same!

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