Tuesday, September 24, 2013


As I've mentioned before, Joshua's schooling has taken a different twist. He's gone from a very traditional approach to being aligned in Math, Language Arts and Social. It's been a rough couple weeks as the two of us are learning an entirely new computer program, new teachers and the biggest thing: deadlines. He's done a few quizzes and last week handed in a math assignment to be marked. He could receive help from me as needed (we are still HOMEschooling) with the intent of doing the work on his own. I received his marks in an email today and I am SO proud to say he earned a 95%!

I was never a really smart kid in school and so to have a child who has a 85% average in Math and an 80% in LA is enough to make me cry with pride. He's learning to apply himself, he's figuring out studying and test taking skills and I think he will do great!

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