Saturday, September 14, 2013

I Just Wanted a Nap

Okay, I don't often go back to bed during the day. I had a really poor sleep last night and just thought I'd take advantage of the lazy Saturday by crawling under the covers in my air conditioned bedroom. It goes without saying that my pint sized side kick followed me. Of course since she slept a full 11 hours last night, a nap wasn't even on her radar. I though I'd just turn on the TV with a movie, Sarah would watch and I'd get a few minutes of shut eye. Oh how wrong I was.

Very quickly it became a game of her pulling off the covers exclaiming that "the sun is up". Despite my efforts to pretend to sleep, Sarah's infectious giggles quickly deflated my hopes of getting any rest. I was a human climbing apparatus for her and because the bed is a king size, it allowed her oodles of room to play around. A few times I tried to send her downstairs to get a snack from Doug but she'd have nothing to do with that idea. Apparently, just hanging out with me is her plan of a good afternoon. Despite the goofing around, we did manage to get in a few snuggles and I was reminded of how amazing she is. I love her little-ness, her innocence and the endless amounts of love she has for me. I really am a lucky momma!

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes when we think we need one thing (aka SLEEP) we get another (aka CUDDLES) and discover that second thing was what we really needed in the first place!



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