Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dentist Woes (Edited 09.14.13)

Three months ago, I booked an appointment with a paediatric dentist who has experience with special needs kids. A big plus in my books.

Well, Sarah did not disappoint me in how she reacted to finding out we had another appointment. She began to cry before we even left the house... I didn't feel overly confident at that point. After a massive meltdown, I agreed to let her go in her pyjamas. Who cares anyhow right? She cried off and on for the 30 minute drive. I was exhausted already since I didn't really know where I was going (SO thankful for my GPS) and I felt done. I really look forward to the day that an appointment doesn't mean she cries the entire time. It is so unbelievably stressful.

After a typical wait, we saw the dentist. The tears increased in intensity and the dentist and I talked above Sarah's wails. She did look at Sarah's mouth, indicated a couple cavities and agreed that anaesthetic would be necessary to get the work done. Because she will need to be sedated, we're going to have to wait for an appointment at the Stollery which will be in March. And so begins another long wait. It will be nice though because Sarah's teeth will get x-rayed, cleaned and repaired as needed all at once.
September 14, 2013
Two things I forgot to mention:

  1. The dentist said that there is no further harm that can or will be done with the use of a soother. Either the damage of her spaced teeth is already done or it's genetic. Joshua has teeth that have large gaps in them and he never used a soother, Andrea had a soother and has great teeth. Seeing as the soother is a crucial part of getting her to sleep, I was reassured that Sarah can still use it. 
  2. At one point while Sarah was in the dentist's chair, I saw the glazed look in her eyes that I saw before her seizure in August. Knowing that the previous one was caused by a breath holding episode, I began to rub her chest in comfort and kept talking to her in an animated voice. She did take a big breath and started crying again. For a brief moment, I was sure she was going to seize again. I'm so glad she didn't, especially with Arianna there with us.

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