Monday, September 30, 2013

She Won

Thirteen years ago, when Andrea was born, one of the first thoughts of hearing that she was a girl was that I could do her hair. I loved the thought of curly bows, pony tails and braids. By the time she was 10 months old, I was able to put her hair into two ponies and curl them a bit. I'd add ribbons or barrettes... the whole deal. Arianna was born almost four years later and although her hair was thinner, by the time she was a year, I could put her hair up in little clips.

Then Sarah was born. She was born pretty much bald. Looking back, she really didn't grow her hair till after her 4th birthday. Consequently, she hasn't had the exposure to having her hair done like her big sisters. Now that her wispy hair is growing out, I would LOVE to put it in a clip or little pony tail. Do you think she will have anything to do with that? Not. A. Chance. And it bothers me. I wish it didn't, but it does. Last week I really wanted to put something in her hair to get it out of her face and I'm embarrassed to say that I turned it into a power struggle. She won. And went to church with it all astray. She doesn't care but I do. I guess I need to let it go. Because I let it get to me, I was in a frustrated mood all day. This week I have a friend, who is a hair dresser, coming over to the house to help me figure out Sarah's hair. It is so thin and fine and I'm not really loving the mullet-look. I'm hoping that with a professional's help, we can turn her hair into something that doesn't need hair accessories but still looks cute!

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