Saturday, August 31, 2013

Just Ten Minutes

The older two kids are at a party this evening. That meant that I came home from our weekly family supper with Doug's parents, by myself with the two littlest girls. I mentioned before that I had a crazy week. Well, one day into the weekend and I don't quite feel like I've recovered. So I'll admit that I just wanted to get into the house with the girls and get them to bed as fast as I could. Sarah erupted into tears as I tried to tuck her into the bed with Arianna so I quickly gave up that fight and gently plunked her into mine and Doug's bed.

I thought I'd just hug and kiss her and slip out. "P'ease a 'tory?" I hear as tiny arms are wrapped around my neck. I took a deep breath and read a story to two sweet daughters on either side of me. Arianna headed to her own bed and I turned off the light in our room.

The same little voice then exclaims "We 'got a brush a teef!" I tried to tell her they were fine and we could do them in the morning. Her response: "But see Mom, dere dirty!" as her sweet mouth was wide open to show me. With a gentle sigh, I tell her to hop out of bed and she scrambled to the end where I was waiting. So with her legs around my waist, her arms clinging to my neck and her head nesting on my shoulder, she whispers "thank you Mom".

I just wanted to remind myself that in the big picture of my 1, 440 minutes in a 24 hour period, those ten minutes were really not that long. Yes, I wanted to hurry the tuck in process. Yes, I wanted to just be alone for a while. But the complete and ultimate adoration of my sweet five year old was worth the extra time. And the connection I made with a {growing up too fast for my liking} nine year old was important too.

I was talking with my sister about the "new year" starting in the fall. To both of us, it's a time where we regroup, make some resolutions and sort things out as school begins. I'm hoping to enjoy my kids as much as possible. To spend time with each of them. I want to play outside and take delight in the things they do. And to remember that bedtime tuck ins are a vital part of their day.

Happy Saturday my friends...


  1. I love this sweet post! Real life and remembering what's important.

  2. Louise Frostad: Thanks for sharing Stephanie. Your post reminded me of days gone by when my guys actually wanted me to linger in their rooms. Good for you for realizing that all too fleetingly these times pass!



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