Sunday, August 11, 2013

Thankful Sunday

Well, it doesn't sound nearly as catchy as Thankful Thursday but I really felt like I needed to find some things that I was truly grateful for. I've been feeling really worried since Sarah's little incident last week. I've felt scared, edgy and worried. A lot. So here's what I am thankful for today on this Sunday morning.

  • First, that my sister was with me at the park. She was calm, confident and reassuring. She was the strength that I didn't have (or need) at a very intense time.
  • Second, if what happened to Sarah was any more serious, we were in a large, busy city that I know medical aid would have been easy to access.
  • Third that I was able to quickly reach and speak to a nurse when we arrived home. Although, I don't quite believe it was "nothing to worry about" like she said, I am thankful that those notes will be made on Sarah's chart and we'll be able to discuss it with the doctor. 
  • I'm thankful for the encouragement of friends and family. I don't know if something like this will happen again but I am so appreciate of the prayer and support that I received in a very short time.
  • Once again, my family is a blessing to me. My husband loves me with his whole heart and our children are all amazing in their own way. Parenting teens is a whole new game here and we're trying our best to do what we can.
  • Hugs and cuddling from the kids. Joshua always has been and still a very affectionate kid, even though he's 14. He will still hug and kiss me good-bye and I am grateful for that. Andrea's a little more distant but still frequently leans in for a hug and always comes to say good-night. Every night when she's tucked in, Arianna asks for a snuggle. We pray and then curl up together and talk about her day. Sarah is my cuddle bug. Her phrases "I need a hug-uppy" and "I need a cungle" are the most irresistible words ever and I love hearing them.
  • For the blogs that other moms (and dads) write. I love reading about other people's experiences and my awareness and knowledge of other special needs grows daily. They support and encourage me and I try to do the same.
  • I'm thankful for quiet opportunities such as this when my family is still sleeping and I'm allowed to venture into my own thoughts.
  • For the love of an ever present God. His never fails, even when I do. He waits patiently for me to come back when I insist on handling everything on my own. 

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