Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday's Five Quick Takes

  • Yesterday, I got so much accomplished. I was determined to get all our bedding washed and dried before bedtime and I did! Every bed had fresh sheets and quilts by late afternoon and it sure felt nice to crawl into a clean smelling bed last night. 
  • Sometimes in the midst of a discouraging week, Sarah pulls off something that totally amazes me. 
This is a song from the movie Camp Rock 2. The last time it was watched here on Netflix was in May. 
Last night out of the blue, she started singing this.
  • I miss taking pictures with my good camera. That's kind of the down side of having a camera on my phone which is much easier and accessible. I think I'm going to make a greater effort and try to take more photos more often.
  • Yesterday I received an encouraging email from a friend. I think it's neat how some things just fall into place, right when you need them.
  • I wrote a blog post to be featured on someone else's blog. I relived the last five years with Sarah from the time she was born till now. It was somewhat refreshing to think back to certain moments and then finally put it all down in words. I'm hoping I didn't leave any thing out...

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