Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hello Sunday (Random Thoughts)

For a long time now, Sunday has been my favorite day of the week. At one point it was because we were attending church on Saturday evening which left an entire day for resting and relaxing. Even though we've changed services, I still enjoy the leisurely pace that Sunday morning allows. For the first hour or so, it's just me, a coffee and usually a sleeper clad, bleary eyed five year old who just wants to watch a movie. We sit close together and although she's up, I still feel like I get some "me" time.

I've been trying hard to be thankful for things that are going on in my life. I tend to see the cup as half empty and it takes effort to see the positive side. This morning, Sarah managed to pull down a cup of fairly warm tea off the counter and poured it on herself. She of course, was really upset but I was thankful that the water wasn't boiling hot (we use a Keurig) and that the mug had sat for a few minutes already. So despite the scare that it gave us, Sarah wasn't burned.

Church this morning was a bit different, as the kids who attended VBS last week showed off the songs they learned in front of the congregation. It was kind of chaotic and quite noisy but there is always a feeling of excitement and joy in the air from every one. While we were waiting for the service to start, a friend's dad came up to me and told me how much I remind him of my mom. I really appreciate comments like that because it shows me that people haven't forgotten her.

I was lucky enough to be able to sit back and do some reading today. It felt nice to just relax and enjoy that time.

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  1. I'm glad your daughter wasn't burnt. When my oldest was a baby he pulled over a boiling hot cup on himself. He had second degree burns! It was so terrible. I felt so guilty because I left it on the counter and didn't think he was tall enough to reach it. Sundays are hard days for me. Usually everyone goes to church except me and Beth.



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