Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday's Here (finally!)

  • No guarantees, but I think Sarah is "almost" over her cold that has lasted for 20 days now. I'm sure the poor girlie is done feeling bad. That being said, Arianna woke up earlier this week with the same, or similar cold bug. She's complaining about a sore throat and a stuffy nose. I hope her's doesn't last as long as Sarah's. 
  • The weather here has been such a relief from the harsh beginning that January welcomed us with. Some of the daily temperatures are above 0* which is still cold but not painfully so.
  • Doug has now finished his second week at the new job. It was a busy first week for him but he's quickly falling into place and figuring it all out. 
  • Sarah had a few "wins" this week. The first was she has played independently for most of the morning while I do school, without getting into trouble. She is becoming so good at the pretend play where her toys talk and do things with each other. The second thing that was really great occurred when she asked to watch a movie on the iPad. I had said no, not now. She putters off and I watch her clean up her toys in the living room and then she proudly says "See! I cweened up! Now I have a iPad?" After that great thinking, how could I not! The third thing is a food win: she has been eating about 1/3 of a yogurt cup each day. She chose it on her own out of the fridge and she is enjoying it. She's fairly sensitive with things to eat and I'm really pleased that she's getting another food item into her!
  • I ended my week with a wonderful coffee visit with friends. We drank coffee, ate a slice of banana cake and talked and talked! 

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