Saturday, January 18, 2014

Things Sarah Says

Sarah speaking skills have really taken off over the past few months and I've been noting them down as I hear and remember them.

Here's a few that I'm sharing tonight:

I tucked her into bed and shortly after she came out asking if she could sleep in my bed. I said she could, and she asked if I would cuddle with her. I asked her why and she says back "cause you wan' to."

As her respite worker was leaving in December, I asked Sarah what she needed to say to Shaneen. Without a thought Sarah says, "I love you Sh'eem."

At the checkout at Superstore Sarah asked for a treat "cause I'm a good boy!" (We are trying to work on that)

"I need a hug-uppy"

"Let's watch Prairie House"

"My nose is sick"

"I have a hip-puffs" (hiccups)

"So. What's new?"

"You came back!" (to any one who comes back to the house)

"My tummy is so hun'gy"

"My teef is so di'ty"

Almost daily Sarah's little antics and one liners cause us all to laugh. She is lovely and entertaining on a constant basis.

"Sarah, what are you doing?"
- "I doing getting something."


  1. So cute! When my Rebekah was little, she called flowers- wowies!

  2. Those are so adorable! I know you've got them down here, but definitely keep a list going. You'll appreciate it in years to come!

  3. Aww! I enjoyed reading the things she's been saying! How cute!



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