Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ten Minute Tuesday

It is 7:15 on Tuesday evening and I'm going to take the next 10 minutes to write about how the last few days have been.

I was thinking that last year, I topped my highest number of posts and this year I would like to match or beat it. That means I need to write a post every two or three days. That seems like a lot and at times, I wonder if people even care. Then I think, this blog is about my journey and if what I write doesn't interest someone, they don't have to read it.

I blog a lot about Sarah. The Blogger website is not based out of my computer so if something ever happened to my laptop, then all my notes and information that I've noted will still be safe. I love looking back at the ways she's grown and changed over the years and how far she's come. Along with that, is how far I have come as well. I am confident in advocating for her and I am continuously learning new things about her.

I also blog about my other kids, school, birthdays and other events and milestones. I love to share about my family and I guess this is my way of journalling. It's interesting how the words flow when I have a laptop in front of me as opposed to pen and paper. My mind seems to flow quickly and my thoughts are easily formed.

Here's to a New Year of blogging, and thanks for joining in this journey with me.

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