Friday, April 25, 2014

A Type of Respite

This week, my older kids have been on spring break. A couple months ago, I was gifted with passes for the West Edmonton Mall World Water Park from a family member. I had saved them for this week because I knew most other schools were back in session, having had their break already. Last year, we did it and we took Sarah. I don't think it was good or bad, just different and a little tougher. She is overwhelmed by the noises and chaos and gets cold quickly. It also meant that someone had to be with her at all times so either myself, Joshua or Andrea ended up in the shallow end or kiddie pools. Sarah also doesn't like her head or face wet which proved to be difficult in a water park setting as well. When this week rolled around, after a lot of thought and consideration, I knew it would be in her best interest if she didn't come. Instead, she spent five busy hours playing with Grandma!

It really tugged at my heart that it was best that she didn't come. So often, I look forward to introducing things like this to my kids and I desire full inclusion, especially as a homeschooler. I wanted her to come. I wanted to share the experience with her and I wanted her to enjoy it. But in the very same breath, I wanted my older three kids to have as much fun as possible and that couldn't happen when one of us had to watch Sarah.

When we arrived, I'll admit it took me a while to fully enjoy myself. Once the kids and I were up to our necks in waves and enjoying each other immensely, I knew I made the right decision. Joshua and I went on a few slides together and the connections with each other that I saw in my older three kids filled my heart with joy. Andrea and Joshua kept a close eye on Arianna and made sure no one bowled her over with a tube. We shared some snacks and drinks together and we ended our time with Joshua and I taking a ride on the zip line!

I am so blessed by Doug's mom who shared an entire afternoon with Sarah, playing in puddles, eating snacks and watching preschool cartoons. I think if she came, it would have been alright but probably not as carefree feeling as it was. It allowed me to fully embrace my older three, and giving them the opportunity to do something without being held back by Sarah and her needs. I know how important it is to do things like this once in a while so that they can enjoy being who they are.

 ** Picture courtesy of Grandma**
"Sarah splashed in grandmas puddle for about ten minutes ...
till the boots overflowed, and she announced she was now cold!"

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  1. I know exact how you feel. We took a weekend water park trip last year, just the four of us, but it was tough with Kyle. Like you said, it was not as carefree as it could have been and Kaylie was limited due to all of our attention on Kyle. This year, we are going to try a vacation with a helper along, and we hope that will make a big difference. Don't feel bad at all for going without Sarah, although I know how hard that decision must have been! I am so glad you had a great time with your older kids!



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