Thursday, February 25, 2010


This week I had the pleasure of watching my nephew for a few days.  His vocabulary is amazing for a 2.5 year old and I wanted to make sure I wrote his Ben-isms down.  Here's just some of the quotes that entertained us:

- "What's that?"
- "Why?"
- "Where's Joshua?" (or Andrea, or Arianna)
- "What happened Aunty?" (after spilling some water)
- "My floor is darker than yours."
- "Why?"
- "I need covers!" (after a crying jag in the middle of the night- good thing I'm used to getting up)
- "I'm spraying water all over the place" (bath time)
- "George is okay." (or sleeping, wrapped up, sitting, watching TV, cold...)
- "That's so funny." (which could be anything)
- "Why?"
- "The snow is still hurting on the deck."
- "What time is it?"
- "Where are we going today?"
- "Where's George?"
- "Why?"
- "What's dat noise?"
- "Where you going Aunty?"

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