Sunday, February 21, 2010

I love my birthday

It's not just the number but it's the one of the two days of the year that belongs to me (Mother's Day is the other one).  On my actual day this year, we shared supper with Doug's parents.  My mother in law brought me a cake and everyone sang to me. 

A week later, my sister hosted a Superbowl get together and she had made a cake for my brother and myself.  More singing. :) So far, I have extended my birthday for a week. 

The following Friday, I went out with my sister.  We went out to Moxies for supper, shopped and watched a movie.  A true classic girl's night out and a much needed break for both of us. 

Today, February 21, a full three weeks AFTER my actual birthday, Doug, the kids and I went out for my birthday lunch.  So this, my 34th birthday (I believe) is now over.  I have done the celebrating I wanted to and I think I've managed to stall it out long enough for this year.


  1. Sounds wonderful, and that cake looks delish!

  2. Sounds like great celebrations all around...I'm drooling over the cake, BTW!



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