Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I hate

being home alone.  I find my fuse is so much shorter when I'm parenting solo.  The kids don't seem to cooperate or listen nearly as well and I just feel weary.  I lost it when an egg fell to the floor and the house was still in disarray at 8:00pm. 



  1. :( I kinda know how you feel. Even though Adam comes home every night, its not till almost 7 (in winter) , itll be even later in summer im guessing. Days get very long when you are the one getting up with the kids and putting them to bed. And having to do everything :(

  2. (((hugs))) honey...hang in there! As I am on bed rest, we are definitely learning it takes two to run this household. I know you can relate. Saying a prayer for you!



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