Monday, February 1, 2010

My Birthday

The night before my birthday, I told Doug that all I wanted was a full night's sleep.  Meaning Sarah had to sleep all night.  After her 10:00 nursing, she slept until 7:30!  My day started with a hot coffee and a very happy baby.  Doug was the first to wish me a happy birthday and all the other kids soon followed.  I received a painting from Arianna and a picture collage from Andrea.  The kids and I made brunch together and had a good school morning.  Doug's parents came over for supper to help celebrate and even brought a cake for me.  While we were eating, a friend of ours installed our garage door opener!  No more getting out for me!  It was a good day.  I ended the day with a hot bath and a good book!

As I sit here reflecting on the past year and even the year ahead, I feel so richly blessed by God.  He has trusted me with four beautiful and healthy children.  A husband who loves me more than anything.  A sister who I adore.  In laws who treat me like their own.  A home.  A vehicle.  The list goes on.  I am one lucky woman. 







  1. hello! warm greeting for your lovely family 0_0

  2. Oh such beautiful photographs of a beautiful family :o)

    (Home-educating mum of 4, living in the UK)

  3. Gorgeous photos, Stephanie!!!! What a beautiful post:)



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