Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Sarah!

36 things at 36 months
1. You joined our family on June 22, 2008.
2. I can't believe how much I love you more each day.
3. You are {finally} fully potty trained.
4. You aren't anywhere near sleeping through the night.
5. You have an incredible fear of medical facilities.  No sooner do we get in, than your tears start to fall and you sob "I wan' go home."
6. You are by far my littlest baby.  Not quite 25 pounds.
7. The majority of your diet consists of dry cereal, bananas, crackers, cookies, toast, and peanut butter.  I try to add more veggies, fruits and meat but you'll have nothing to do with it.  *sigh*
8. Your favorite movies are Bolt and Despicable Me.
9. Snuggling with daddy watching those movies is a nightly ritual for the two of you.
10. Your siblings are your favorite people.  If they aren't around, you wander the house looking for them and call their names.
11.  You love sleeping in bed with us.
12.  Going in the van is always exciting for you... a new adventure every time!
13.  Life would be perfect if you could spend your whole day "ou'thiiiide".  Such a cute little lisp you have. 
14.  You love dolls.  Dressing, undressing, feeding, walking, cuddling... you'll be a wonderful momma one day!
15.  You were named after you were born.  We hadn't picked one out beforehand. That was a first for us. 
16.  You are getting into things a lot more than you used to.
17.  The words "quiet", "mellow" and "easy going" are the best way to describe your personality.
18.  I heard "wuv you" for the first time a few days ago.
19.  You love to color and write.  I am amazed that you hold your pencil properly and can make the tiniest deliberate marks.  You always exclaim "I did a "E" (or "A" or "I")
20.  "Mine" is one of your favorite words as you clutch your prized possession (at that time) with such fervor.
21.  You love to help me clean with the broom or vacuum.
22.  Chocolate has a special place in your tummy!
23.  In addition to your immediate family, Grandma is one of your favorite people.
24.  Everything is proceeded by the words "I need a ________." (potty, bath, cookie, cup, bed... whatever)
25.  You love the camera and are always flashing a "cheese" smile at me.
26.  You are getting more and more adventuresome.  Things most kids do at two, you are doing now... I am thankful for the extra year of not worrying all the time.
27.  You still nurse a couple times a day.  I love that I've gone this long and have provided you with the best nourishment and extra calories that your tiny body needs, especially at night. This is important to me since you eat so little during the day!
28.  Coffee is one of your preferred beverages.  I have to watch out if I leave my mug lying around!
29.  Somehow you have managed to figure out my iPhone.  The other day, you actually called the house with it.
30.  You love Curious George.  I was so excited to go to The Party Place and buy all the goodies for your party!
31.  You love the park.  The swings are your favorite and the slides are a close second.  I feel like I still have to really watch you closely though... your balance isn't all that great yet.
32.  You are delighted when you get to go out with me alone and leave the big kids at home!
33.  You love to dress yourself.  Layers is important to you.  I've found you with pants, a dress, a tee shirt and hoodie on all at the same time.
34.  You love footwear.  Boots, shoes, sandals or slippers, it doesn't matter.  Also doesn't matter who they belong to.
35.  You have the ability to capture the heart of anyone around you.  
36.  Sweet Sarah, I love you.  You bring joy and happiness to my days.  You will always by my "little one" and I am so blessed to have you in my life.  I hope your birthday is full of fun, delights and surprises for you.  Have a wonderful birthday sweet girl of mine!

Thanks Kelly for the blog-lift!  :)

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  1. Awwww...Happy 3rd Birthday, Sarah! What a great post:) Hope she has a wonderful birthday!!!



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