Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The past two weeks have been crazy busy with appointments and such with Sarah.  With the busyness came a needy and clingy toddler.  Asking to be up, to "see" what I was doing and just wanting to be with me.  She was constantly pulling on my leg and it seemed she was always underfoot.  I have even tripped over her a few times.  I (guiltily) would stall off picking her up since there were dishes to clean, meals to make, a house to tidy, laundry to fold.... the list is miles long.  This afternoon as I was blogging in my room, I saw a tiny fuzzy head peek around the corner and a big grin shone behind the soother that was in Sarah's mouth.  Normally, she doesn't have them during the day but one must have been hiding in her toy basket or she's intentionally stashing them.  I lifted her up onto the big king sized bed that I was on and there we hung out for two hours.

Just me and her.  We dressed (and undressed) some dolls, played with geometric shapes and watched cartoons.  Good therapy for both of us. Even now, I am typing one handed as she's snuggled up against my chest and my arm is around her.  I like being needed.

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  1. sweet! I love getting those one and one moments with a child! Glad you got some of that in today!



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