Monday, May 7, 2012

There's a Teenager in the House

And he's all mine!  I can clearly remember the day that Joshua was born and I {finally} became a mom.  I've always loved babies and would seek out the littlest one in a crowd.  And now I had my own baby.  I didn't share him well in the first few weeks.  I was convinced he needed me and only me to hold him, love him and dote on him.

Joshua, you have always found the fun in anything.  You have such a pleasant, easy going demeanor and even when things upset you, you quickly get over it and move on.  You have been like that since day one.  You were an easy baby and usually so happy.

Oh how quickly the years have gone by.  You have grown up into such a strong young man.  In honor of this, your first teenage year, I have written down some of the things that make you so uniquely you:

1. You are no longer a morning person.  If I let you, a 10:00 wake up would be the norm.
2. You love Lego.  I appreciate how you build the sets and then use the sets to play with and enjoy.
3. Despite your easy going manner, you have quite a temper. 
4. Since Sarah was born, I have seen a gentle caring side of you.  It's a side that {I think} you save just for her... She has a special place in your heart.
5. You eagerly wait for the snow to melt each spring so you can spend the next six months on your bike.  You'll ride with anyone who is willing and you put many miles on those wheels. 
6. Despite the fact that you are getting bigger, your physical affection towards me hasn't wavered.  You hug me frequently during the day, you love to cuddle in beside me on the couch and even just the other night, you sat on my lap.  You are such a sweet boy!
7. School is not your favorite past time but then again, I don't know how many 13 year olds love it either.  You do like to be at home for school though and we had a great moment of celebrating as you finished your grade 7 math year in April!  
8. I'm still working with you on expanding your taste buds.  A diet that consisted of various cold cereals, pizza, burgers, hotdogs and peanut butter sandwiches would suit you just fine.  Although you like various forms of chicken and beef, most cooked veggies and all seafood is a big no-no for you.  *sigh*
9. Some days are harder than others to live in a house with three sisters.  There's a lot of pink, ponytails, makeup and estrogen in this home and sometimes it drives you crazy!
10. You don't have a huge number of friends but rather a few really close buddies.  You spend time at least once a week with Bryce building with Lego, creating battles and new worlds, biking around and just hanging out.
11. Because of #9, you like to go out with your dad at every chance you can.  Whether it's to the store, Grandpa's shop or just *out*, you'll drop everything to be with him.  
12. You don't like being home alone.  You'd much rather everyone stayed home or everyone goes out together.  You much prefer it when your dad or I are home with you.
13. You are growing and changing at such a fast rate right now.  I can hear your voice get more gravelly, your shoulders are broadening and I love to tease you about the soft little whiskers that are starting to sprout up on your lip.  I pray that this year is one of even more spiritual growth and becoming closer to Jesus.  I pray that you will make decisions that you are proud of and do things that you know are right.  

Have a great day and an even greater year being 13!  I love you so much!

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