Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday

Dear Sarah,

How can it be that we celebrated your FOURTH birthday yesterday?  The years seem to have gone by so quickly... I wish I could pause time and hang on to these moments a little longer. 

Today was a very busy one compared to our normally quiet days.  We had all your friends and their siblings over for snacks and cake this morning.  You loved opening the presents and eating the top of your cupcake.  The rest of the afternoon was spent playing with all the new things you received.  After the pancake supper, Dad, you and I headed to the mall to buy your first Build a Bear.  Although the experience was a little overwhelming and you would have been happy to take them all home, we did help you narrow down your choice.

It took you a longer than normal time to fall asleep from all the fun of your day.  I think it was after 9:30 when you finally stopped chattering to us!  

Things that make you who you are:

1. Unconditional love.  For everyone.  Including people you don't know.
2. You have enthusiasm for everything.  
3. You still love to watch Curious George but Max & Ruby and Toopy & Binoo are also your favorites.  
4. If you had agreed, this would have been the first birthday to have a pony tail in your hair.  
5. Telling people "I missed you" wins your way into their heart every time.
6. Pajamas are your favorite outfit.  I wish I could find sleepers for you as you get older.
7. You love slap-stick humor. 
8. You are a tease.
9. You hand out hugs and kisses freely.
10. Whenever I suggest that I might go out, you eagerly jump and say "I wan' come!"  
11. You don't really care for the medial professionals yet.  To you, they are up to no good!
12. You love Grandma so much that often I take the back seat to her.
13. Frequently you remind me that "Aunty had a baby."  (just in case I forgot!)
14. All your siblings love the way you say their name.  I think we all kind of hope that it doesn't change.  "Ja-wa", "Ya-Ya", and "Na-Na-" are your biggest heroes.  
15. You love being outside.  Going for walks or bike rides are great fun for you.
16. Fruit Loops, bananas, cheese and Ritz crackers  are your favorite foods.  We are continuously trying to increase your palate.
17. Not all your words are very clear yet and I find I have to translate a lot for you.
18. Exactly one month ago, you started sleeping through the night.  
19. The words "quiet", "mellow" and "easy going" are the best way to describe your personality.
20. You love going to playgrounds.  It is so exciting for me to see how confident you are this year.
21. You still need a soother at night to help you sleep.  
22. Helping me is something you love to do. Grabbing an extra broom or pushing the vacuum around is great fun!
23. "Mine" is one of your favorite words as you clutch your prized possession (at that time) with such fervor.  
24. You've almost grasped the concept of pedaling your trike.  You don't quite have enough strength in your legs to keep it going for long though.
25. You love to tell us "watch dis" as you proudly show off a new (or old) skill.
26. Sweet Sarah, I love you.  You bring joy and happiness to my days.  You will always by my "little one" and I am so blessed to have you in my life.  I hope this year is full of fun, delights and surprises for you. You are my ray of Sunshine and I am so thankful for you!


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(poor you, the sun was so bright!)

Happy 4th Birthday Sarah!  I love you lots!

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  1. So happy to hear you had a wonderful birthday, Sarah! Wishing you the happiest of years from Ohio! PS, Mommy...GREAT list:)



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