Friday, May 10, 2013

Busy Busy!

On May 4th, Arianna turned 9! She had been counting down the weeks, then the days and finally the hours until this seemingly wonderful turning of age occurred. Two days later, I asked her if anything drastic had changed since she turned 9... sheepishly she said no, but that simply being able to say that she was "nine years old" was good enough for her. Her birthday gift is arriving in the mail next week. She saved and saved every dollar that she was gifted in order to buy an iPod touch. She's pretty excited about that.

Three days later my not-so-little boy turned 14! Um, how can it be that I've been a momma for FOURTEEN years now! His broad shoulders are wider than mine and when he pulls himself to his full height, I am no longer taller than all my children. So many other signs are popping up as I see this boy grow into a young man. I am really proud of who he has become and who he is going to be. I look forward to seeing what this next year holds for him.


Andrea has been babysitting quite a bit and takes every chance she can to be outside with her friends. There's a group of 6-8 kids aged 10-12 who love hanging out in the field, playing tag, cops and robbers or home free. I love that she's found a bunch of friends like that.

Sarah is loving the warm weather. It has been a great incentive to get her to wear clothes during the day. We also took this opportunity to transition from her beloved winter boots to new running shoes. Sandals will be a whole new challenge but for now, I'll be happy that she's wearing runners. She tends to gravitate towards one particular piece of footwear and it becomes the favorite.

Today I'm going to work on finishing up the laundry and cleaning up the house. We're taking a quick one nighter trip to Calgary to visit my sister and her family. I'm looking forward to Doug doing the driving this time so I can just sit back and relax! It'll be nice to take some time away from home and (for me) hang out with Alicia again! Maybe we'll get spoiled a bit on Sunday? :)

Happy Friday!

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