Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pediatrician Appointment {03.04.14}

Why does it not surprise me that the night before an appointment, the snow would blow in? Once again (like last time), the usual 35 minute drive to the doctor's office took me nearly 90 minutes. The roads were really slippery and SO busy.

Her regular doctor was away so we saw the other pediatrician in the office. I wasn't overly impressed as she was very business-like and it seemed like all she was there to do was fill out the required paper work. Sarah needed a pre-op done for her dental work which is in a month... Yikes! We've waited for this appointment since December and I can't believe it's this close already. Although Sarah was unhappy at the doctor's office, she wasn't nearly as frantic as she has been in the past. I believe that people were praying for me and I could feel the calming peace of Jesus as I sat there. I'm so thankful for friends who care so very much.

After all was said and done, she has gained a couple pounds and her head size has stayed the same. 

The majority of her afternoon was spent cuddling me and shedding many tears and that was mostly because I wouldn't take her to a friend's house. I needed to get a few things from the store and so I grudgingly packed up all four kids and headed out. This is what Sarah does when we go to a larger, busier shopping center (like Wal Mart). I really think I should just stop bringing her and stressing her out. One day I'll learn!

I was exhausted after all that. It was a stressful drive in, an appointment, complete with the usual tears and an afternoon that was full of more crying. I think she was more than happy to have her bath and go to bed. Hopefully after a good night's sleep, she'll be doing much better today!

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