Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bedroom Configurations

I have four kids.  One boy and three girls.  Joshua being the oldest and only boy will always have his own room.  Lucky him.  The girls are all 3-4 years apart and that is quite a difference in age when it comes to things like sharing rooms and spaces.  For quite a few years (in the old house), Andrea and Arianna shared a room.  Sarah was a newborn so she either slept in our room or had the nursery.  When we moved into this house, each of the older three kids was given their own room in the basement.  It is unfinished so Doug just stapled tarps up to the rafters.  We found that the three bedrooms didn't give any extra play space.  So a few days ago, Andrea and Arianna moved in together.  That means two bedrooms and one play room in the basement.  I think it is a really good configuration.  As of late though, Andrea has been very possessive of the items in the bedroom, not allowing Arianna to use them.  To make the room bigger, she also moved out one bed and dresser, thinking the two of them could share.  This isn't working.  At all.  So I told the girls to bring back the extra mattress and dresser and put the room back to how I had it.

About two weeks ago, I brought up the toddler bed to introduce it to Sarah.  She hasn't loved it yet so we also have the crib set up.  A couple times, Arianna has slept in the little bed (she is too big for it!) but has quite enjoyed sharing that space with Sarah.  A part of me is wondering if Andrea (at 10.5 years old) needs that unshared bedroom and maybe it's time for the two littlest ones to share.  The only other way to give each kid their own space is for me to pack up a room full of scrapbooking materials, sewing machines, fabric and crafting supplies and give Arianna that room.  Being kind of selfish, I don't want to give up that room. I like my own craft space and it's good for me to have a place for me to hang out.
Arianna does think it's a good idea to share with Sarah... maybe it is?

My thoughts:
  • By having the two little girls share a room, it allows Arianna to be the *big* sister 
  • By letting Andrea have her own room, she is able to be the biggest sister and feel grown up
  • Sarah can also then enjoy being with HER big sister and start learning to share that space


  1. Stephanie, you know I feel your pain. With the four boys and living in a 3 bedroom house we have our fair share of "space" issues. I *think* w/ them all being 2 yrs apart helps somewhat. I am constantly re-thinking their bedrooms, ways to make better use of the space, moving beds, etc. Ahhhh!!!! Good luck to you! I say give the younger two girls a chance...especially if Arianna is willing!

  2. I think that Andrea is getting to an age where she probably beginning to outgrow the little girl things. This will become more evident in the near future with puberty hitting. I would put Arianna and Sarah together since Arianna still has a number of years to go before she is in that place. At that point, Andrea and Arianna may find that they want to share again or not.

    I think the key to remember is to be fluid in the arrangement. Nothing is permanent. Go with what works.



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