Friday, March 25, 2011

Sarah's Speech Update

Doug and I took Sarah in to the doctor this morning just to ask some questions about the level of her speech.  We've noticed lately that she's not quite as up to par as other two year old kids and we voiced our concerns today.  He did agree that she's not where she should be *globally* and that he'd refer us to a speech pathologist.  We determined that it's not the receptive part of her speech rather her expression of speech.  She is cognitively just fine and can understand what we are saying.  Our doctor said he doesn't have an expertise in speech so he didn't want to say too much.
I'm thankful for the specialists out there who are available to work with us.
Emotionally, this is really hard for me to deal with.  Deep down, I knew she was behind a little ways but had hoped nothing would come of it....  like I need something else to think about.

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  1. Dear Stephanie its Brandi, I too remember how hard it was. When Ethan was 2 1/2 we took him to the Speech Path. I knew he was a little delayed how hard is was to hear her inform he was Functionally Mute, so severely delayed they considered him Mute! how I cried , Then we prayed and then we rolled up our sleeves and got help. People would never know that years ok they thought he might never talk. I will pray for you and Doug also if you ever want to talk about some of the things we learned about the system and program let me know. THere is some fab. programs that respect our primary educator and parent roles especially thru the glenrose or GRIT



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