Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just a Few More Hours

Doug called me this morning to say he was almost in Jasper.  That means only 3-4 hours away depending on the road conditions. 
I survived the week.  I don't know if homeschooling full time made it easier because I didn't have to do any extra driving or if I had just sent my mind to surviving the week peacefully. 
Sarah was sick so that made it a little harder.  Joshua had moments of testing my patience and authority so that made it a little harder too.  He redeemed himself this morning when he had woken up early, gotten dressed, eaten, cleaned up afterwards and then completed his job pack.  The bathrooms were cleaned by the time I got up. 
Andrea has been a great help around the house and with Sarah... allowing me some precious moments alone... at the grocery store.  Kind of silly that I get excited about getting groceries without kids.
Arianna has had some ups and downs but overall has been very pleasant to be around.  She and Andrea have been getting along great and I love that about the sisters. 
Only a few more hours alone and then my partner is back.  God created it to be that way and I'm so glad He did.  I'm hanging in there... it won't be long now.

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