Thursday, March 31, 2011

Because He Lives

I have attended the same church since I was about two years old. I was baptized as teenager there, was married in it, and have brought all four of my newborn babies there. The music style has changed over the years for sure. From traditional classic hymns to a more upbeat worship style. Call me old fashioned, but I still love the beauty of the older style of music and sometimes wish it could be brought back.
Many years ago, I befriended an elderly gentleman and his wife. I can remember going to his house every few months with my flute and playing hymns for him while his wife accompanied my on piano. He'd sing along with such a big heart that at times, it was hard to concentrate on playing. This was one of our favorite songs to play.  Thinking about it and hearing now, brings tears to my eyes as I'm filled with emotion of how much He loves me.  I still love the message this song delivers. The man has long since gone to live with Jesus in our eternal Home and I think it will be a wonderful reunion when the two of us can worship together again.

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