Wednesday, January 4, 2012


When Sarah saw the genetics doctor in November, we were given a requisition for blood work.  We knew the results would take 9-12 months anyhow so I didn't feel any urgency to get it done.  December flew by in a flurry of activities and suddenly January was upon us.  Rather than stalling, I finally just made an appointment for Sarah at the lab so I wouldn't have any more excuses. 

I went today and was happy to see my preferred lab tech working and requested that she did the blood draw.  The moment I sat down in the waiting area, Sarah began to cry, asking to go home.  Poor darling didn't know what was going to happen but she was sure she wouldn't like it.

It was determined that Sarah has small veins (no kidding) and it would be a tough deal.  In addition to the tech doing the poke, we had an additional tech hold her arm so I could hold her furiously fighting little body.  The initial poke went in, the vein was cooperative and it seemed like we were fine, until something moved and they *lost* the vein.  So, we flipped sides and began to look at the other arm.  Once again, the first poke was successful but this time, they had a third tech switch the vials so that there would be no chance of moving the needle.  So it took three lab techs plus myself to get the required amount of blood.  Poor thing was SO upset by this point. 

As we headed out, I stopped at the pharmacy for a treat of her choice.  Sarah picked a King sized Kit Kat bar and enjoyed most of it on her own. 

This afternoon has been spent cuddling with me or any one of her siblings watching movies. 

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  1. Aw...poor little one! I know as a Mom my A #1 priority is taking care of my child's needs and as a parent we make decisions that are in our children's best interest but oh my goodness they sure are tough!I bet after you did your wonderMOM task of doing what needed to be done, your nerves were shot! Blessings to you, your little one and your family!



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